Great, Green, Gruesome Fangs! Nature for November 2

Nature for November 2 Great Green Fangs and Damp Old Walls

Our second ‘Nature for November’ post starts in the sunny Mediterranean, on a ship sailing over to the ports of Britain. It’s bringing an abundance of exotic treats over to the U.K: wine, fruit…
And spiders. The largest spiders in Europe, in fact. The largest spiders in Europe with striking green fangs and a tendency to parachute into walls.
Firstly, the spider scuttles out of the ship. Secondly, it finds a high structure and makes a ‘parachute web’ before jumping off the building and flying with the wind, looking for holes in walls. When in finds a hole, it floats down and if it’s too small it’ll hollow it out a bit more. Then, the spider sets up 12 or so ‘trip wires’ at the entrance of the hole and sits waiting to feel the vibration of it’s prey. When it feels even the tiniest quiver of the web, it quickly snaps it’s legs out and gobbles up it’s prey.
If you want to see one for yourself then just place a tuning fork at the front of a ‘webbed hole’. Luckily for most people, the spider is only in large southern port cities, such as Southampton and Exeter, but the population is growing with every new cargo ship.
So there you are, the ‘Segestria florentina’, the largest spider in Europe, has reached the U.K!


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