Nature For November 3 – Frost!

For our last Nature For November, we’re focusing on how cold the weather’s got recently. It’s all very well snuggling under your duvet in front of the fire. Animals are still outside. Days are drawing in. It’s very hard to get food. This is the season where it’s more important than ever to help wildlife. Here’s what you can do to help:

Feed the birds, making sure you add extra lard so that the birds build up fat. While fat may be considered bad for humans, it’s an extra layer of warmth for the birds. You could even invest the time to make a homemade bird feeder.

Put a tennis ball in your pond or in a pond near you. This will stop the pond from freezing over and therefore keeping it a safe haven for animals near you.

Soak a sponge in sugary water to keep the insects happy too.

Remember, while when you step outside to an uncomfortable chill, to wildlife the chill is more of life threatening one.


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