Decorations for December 1 – Pine Cones

Along with a new month comes a new theme. I’m hoping that the title’s made it pretty obvious, and as it’s the Christmas month, it’s time to get festive with…

Decorations for December! Christmas Decorations are always fun, especially when you make them yourself. Which, it turns out, is actually really easy.

Pine cones are everywhere. They linger solemnly in corners of forests. They get stamped on when you go for a walk.They are generally regarded as mundane pieces of wood, but if you look at them they are actually very pretty, and just right for brightening things up at Christmas. Here’s some things you could try:

Get some white paint or glitter glue and dab it in the very tips of the pine cone to make it look like snow.

Dip your pine cone in gold and use it to top Christmas Presents.

Paint a pine cone green and add cherries in between the spikes to make it look like a Christmas Tree.

Burn them with wood in the fireplace to make the fire look a bit more spectacular.

Just use the pine cones as they are.


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