After reading a great blog post on PASTweb, one about a space probe, I found out that you could use little codes to create mini symbols. I searched for this on the web and found an entire table of symbols that you could use on WordPress, and here it is:

The table is laid out strangely, but once you’ve mastered it you can express any emotion you like!

icon text text full text icon full text
smile “:)” “:-)” “:smile:” lol “:lol:”
biggrin “:D” “:-D” “:grin:” redface “:oops:”
sad “:(” “:-(” “:sad:” cry “:cry:”
surprised “:o” “:-o” “:eek:” evil “:evil:”
eek “8O” “8-O” “:shock:” twisted “:twisted:”
confused “:?” “:-?” “:???:” rolleyes “:roll:”
cool “8)” “8-)” “:cool:” exclaim “:!:”
mad “:x” “:-x” “:mad:” question “:?:”
razz “:P” “:-P” “:razz:” idea “:idea:”
neutral “:|” “:-|” “:neutral:” arrow “:arrow:”
wink “;)” “;-)” “:wink:” mrgreen “:mrgreen:”

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